Cigliano Law office has dealt with the various problems concerning the insolvency procedures, with specific reference to the Bankruptcy: related problems concerning the declaration of bankruptcy, the effects of the bankruptcy with respect to the debtor, with respect to the creditors; acts prejudicial to creditors, civil revocation, bankruptcy revocation, ordinary revocation in bankruptcy; problems concerning pre-existing legal relationships; ascertaining the liabilities; the administration of bankruptcy assets and the liquidation of assets; the termination of the bankruptcy procedure; the arrangement; civil rehabilitation; the bankruptcy of companies; the arrangement with creditors and the controlled administration; compulsory administrative liquidation, the relative procedure; the extraordinary administration of large companies in crisis, the conditions, relations with other insolvency proceedings, the opening procedure, the initiative, the procedure, the decision, the opposition to the ruling declaring the state of insolvency, the Authority the continuation of the company, the appeal of the continuation decree, the positive regulation of the program and the plan, the appeals of the program, the loans and guarantees of the State, the verification of the liabilities, the opposition and the late declaration credit, liquidation of assets, transfers of business complexes, closure of the procedure.