Cigliano Law Office has dealt with the various problems concerning the law of navigation, with specific reference to the navigation code, sources of international origin, international bodies and organizations in the field of navigation, the administrative organization of navigation, administration indirect, to the private exercise of public functions and services in the field of navigation, to issues relating to personnel assigned to navigation, to public goods intended for navigation, to administrative activities relating to navigation, with reference to the management of ports, state property, port work, other port services, airport services; the specific regime of the ship and the aircraft, with reference to ownership, the methods of acquiring property, the exercise of navigation, with reference to the shipowner and the operator, to the auxiliaries of the shipowner and the operator, with reference to the crew, the captain, the agent and the foreman, the obligations relating to navigation, the contracts of employment on board, the contracts for the use of the ship and the aircraft, with reference to leasing, chartering, transport, liability of the carrier, to the representative titles of the goods transported, to the pilotage and towing contract, to the contribution to common failures, to assistance and rescue, to the recovery and discovery of wrecks, to the collision of ships and aircraft, to liability for damage to third parties on the surface, to the insurance of the risks of navigation, to the guarantees of obligations and to the procedural law of navigation with reference to preventive instruction, maritime disputes, labor disputes, liquidation of common failures, implementation of the limitation of the shipowner's and operator's liability, forced execution and precautionary measures, expropriation proceedings, as well as international law private navigation and the criminal law of navigation.