Cigliano Law office specializes in the legal study and correlative implementation under the negotiation profile of Institutional Relationship Plans and lobbying on behalf of companies or groups that intend to dialogue with public decision makers. We monitor and analyze the regulatory process at national and local level, providing appropriate advice where required with the aim of informing and sensitizing the competent subjects on correlative legal-political-economic issues with the opportunity, for our Clients, to intervene on the issues of one's own interest in a transparent and punctual way in the juridical-legislative formation. In this context, in light of the above, the office also carries out the following related activities.


We carry out accurate insights into the political and institutional scenario (at central, regional and local level) that allow us to identify the most important decision makers in relation to the client's business or investment, deepening the correlative legal aspects.


We develop Stakeholder Engagement plans and mapping of government and parliamentary decision makers; we carry out direct activity of interest representation (presenting amendments and position papers to the institutions) and any other functional legal activity.


Periodic reporting on the process of legislative measures; intelligence on the Italian political-legislative scenario.


We carry out intelligence activities to anticipate the evolution of legal scenarios and prevent potential correlative criticalities for customers.