Our offices have studied the various legal issues of industrial law with reference to the patent in its various types, also with reference to patents for utility models and ornamental models and designs; the European and international patent, as well as the one in force in the United States; the requirements for patenting an invention, the related protections of the author of the invention, also with reference to the employee, the co-authors and the rights of the foreign author; the patent application, with the related administrative and judicial initiatives in the event of rejection of the application; aspects related to the forfeiture and nullity of the patent, to the transcription of patent documents at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office; to actions for violations of rights with reference to that against the forfeiture or nullity of the patent, to the action of seizure for violation of rights, to the action of inhibition of manufacturing.
Our office offers services to companies who require assistance on intellectual property particularly for the following: trademark, copyright, and patent protection. We also represent clients in courts, advice clients on how to deal with intellectual property rights in Italy and abroad, providing services on the acquisition and rights of license, distribution and marketing agreements such as E-commerce, Internet and in the fields of entertainment.