Francesco Cigliano, founder of the office, has acquired essential degrees in law to become a registered judge of the Italian Supreme Court located in Rome. He has been President of several Tax Committees from 1971 to 1978 and has been a prominent professor of tax, criminal and administrative law in the Central Tax School and in the Superior School for Public Administration. He has also worked in Italian National Council of Research as the Juridical Expert. Having acquired substantial experience in various field of laws, he decided to establish the Cigliano Law Office in 1990 with the objective of providing legal and advisory services to individual, corporate and public national and international institutions. Throughout its operation, the office has provided legal services in the corporate and financial fields to major businesses operating in Italy and abroad. Currently, the office has a well developed network of national and international colleagues and maintain regular professional working relationship with other foreign lawyers. With this well developed network acquired both in Europe and in the US, Cigliano Law Office can accommodate and tailor to meet client’s requirement, in which their business has become more complex and more exposed to regulatory risks both national and international. Throughout these years, we always recognize the value of our clients and deliver the best legal and advisory assistance through our personalized service by being sensitive to various and complex needs of our valuable clients. We completely understand the intricacies of every business requirement and we would like our clients to know that we are always available and ready to offer our legal and advisory services.